Matthew Knights



"She's Got A Mind Of Her Own" - CD 2011

Rocking little CD, the guys had fun making this one! Cut and mixed the tracks at Echo Mountain in Asheville, had some help from some friends (Richie Tipton, Jeff Anders, Rudy Colombo, Fayssoux McLean, Joy Finch, Brandon Turner, Shane Pruitt). This one features the great rhythm section The Witnesses (Don McGraw, bass and Kevin Heuer, drums) who have been bringing Matthew's songs to life for over 20 years now.


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"Cottonwood" - CD 2008

Some consider this Matthew's masterwork...deep, heartfelt lyrics, strong songs. Others say it is way too slick, played by Nashville "A" team players. Matthew says " I had free studio time in Atlanta, tried to record this set of songs a couple of times, but just couldn't get the sound I was looking for. I had  a friend set up a session in Nashville, and in six hours the guys there gave me what I was looking for. We cut vocals in one day back in Atlanta, and added additional vocals in Spartanburg on another day, took the tracks back to Exocet in ATL and I mixed it there. I think it is my best recording overall." You be the judge.             


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"Matthew Knights" - CD 2003

Recorded by Skip Slaughter and Aaron Whisnant, this is Matthew's first foray back into the music after a layoff. It features 5 new (at the time) and 5 older songs from his catalog. This one features Don McGraw on bass and Kevin Heuer on drums. The "Cottonwood" haters consider this his best work since "Fluffy" in 1992.


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